Jennifer Brummett
Administrative / Worship Pastor 

Pastor Brummett helped co-found Living Faith Fellowship in the summer of 2012. Pastor Brummett is an Ordained Minister with over 9 years of professional voice training and 20+ years in Music Ministry and is an outstanding contribution to the Ministerial Staff of LFF.  Each week, Pastor Brummett seeks the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit to help establish an atmosphere conducive to the Presence of the Lord being able to freely move and operate in the lives of the believers as well as each service she seeks to embody diversity in music styles to facilitate a well-rounded well-balanced Music Program at LFF.

Pastor Brummett currently resides in Snellville, Georgia with her husband of 27 years, James E. Brummett II and their 2 children, James “Jared” E. Brummett III and Jaelyn Ann Brummett.

Pastor Brummett recently shared her heart:

“Music has always been a part of my life since I was a little girl.  I can’t really remember a time when I wasn’t singing.  In my teenage years, music became so much more than just a performance or another music concert or competition.  It became an avenue in which I could express the greatest emotions and feelings from the depth of my soul to God.  When I didn’t have an eloquent prayer or elaborate exposé to say to Him, I could simply begin to sing a song and knew that God understood every emotion and feeling I felt. To this day, music speaks to my inner-most being. And through music, I find closeness with God that I can’t put into words.”

 I have had the greatest privileges in music ministry.  I have ministered alongside some of the greatest singers/musicians that my generation has produced.  But as the Lord often reminds me, ‘talent is a great blessing, but NOTHING replaces the Anointing of God’.  My greatest desire each week that I stand behind the pulpit, regardless of the capacity that I am functioning in that day, leading in worship, preaching the word, praying for the sick, etc., is that Jesus would be exalted and lifted up.  The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of Power! (1Cor. 4:20 NIV)

  My prayer is that God will use me as His vessel and that His anointing will set the captives free, save the hurting and broken, as I proudly proclaim the glories of the Risen Savior!”